Designing a Twisted Band 1 Carat Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

Designing a Twisted Band 1 Carat Round Solitaire Engagement Ring  Cover Photo
3 min read28 October 2022

Designing an engagement ring can be tough especially when you plan it as a surprise. This is exactly the challenge that one of our clients set himself.

And while he did get some hints, he also wanted to created something that was a twist on what they both wanted.

Those hints were:

From the first consult, our client mentioned the following:

I really like the idea of spirals and what it represents, but I am not sure how to incorporate it into an engagement ring. I also want a 1 carat solitaire round diamond.

Incorporating spirals in a tasteful way can be tough. We started with three sketches, and then asked for feedback. It was always going to be a process of iteration to get to the perfect engagement ring.

We decided that the best way to incorporate spirals is with a double band.

Three Variants of expressing a spiral inspiried engagement ring

All the designs feature pave diamonds running down both bands of the engagement ring. Design one and two are simple solitaires whereas design three incorporates a halo as the rings sits nicely between the twists. As a result, the diamond sits closer to the ring. Design one and two sit higher with a cathedral setting.

Our client liked design one and wanted to explore this a little more. He liked the elegance around something simple. We took on his feedback and came up with a fourth design.

New sketches developed with further customer feedback

Confirming the design

The fourth design simplifies the first. Pave diamonds are only on one band. This accentuates the spiralling of the bands. The cathedral setting also elevates the centre stone to give it more prominence.

Our client wanted the centre stone to keep the centre stage. And it was for this reason, design four was the winner. We then went to the render stage.

Twisted Sprial Round Solitaire Render

The top profile shows how the Round solitaire diamond keeps the key focus. We actively discouraged our client from considering a three-stone setting as this would be too distracting with the twisted band and pave stones.

Twisted Sprial Round Solitaire Render

The side profile shows that the twisted bands are actually joined together. This ensures that the band is structurally sound. Towards the bottom, the band merges into one. This ensures a comfortable fit.

The result

Our client proposed at Bastion Point in Mission Bay.

His comments:

Going through the design process was amazing. To take something conceptual such as spirals and turn it into a tangible engagement ring is incredible. Not only that, but I love how the bands cross over with each other which also symbolises my relationship with my fiancé.

Her comments

The ring is so pretty! I can’t stop looking at it! I have got so many compliments and the diamond is so sparkly! I always wanted something different when it came to my engagement ring and he delivered! I love how he also included his ideas in it too.

We believe that designing an engagement ring should be a fun experience, but most jewellers make it overwhelming. And there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about creating a design.

At Four Words, we take pride in designing jewellery that you and your partner will love. So if you would like to start designing your piece, get in contact.

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