Custom made 2 carat diamond rings

Custom made 2 carat diamond rings

Work with our NZ-based designers to bring your dream 2 carat engagement ring to life. All without having to compromise on quality, ethics or value.

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Work 1 to 1 with our designers to create your custom jewellery

Whether you know exactly what you want or need a bit of help, partner with our expert designers to make your dream ring come to life.

With unlimited revisions and a stress-free design process, we can make sure every little detail is perfect.

Meet us in our design studio or virtually - we can work with you anytime, anyplace.

Take the stress out of the buying process. We pick the best diamonds that the eye can see

Take the stress out of the buying process. We pick the best diamonds that the eye can see

Every diamond we select for you is individually hand-picked and examined by our gemologists.

Only the diamonds that are clear in colour, flawless in appearance and have been cut for the best possible sparkle are chosen.

High-quality diamonds, without the guesswork.

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How it works

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Step 1


Your design consultant will answer any questions, provide an estimate and guide you in crafting your dream piece.

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Step 2


From your brief, we'll continue with the design process. Starting with sketches to photorealistic 3D models. Unlimited revisions until you're happy.

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Step 3


Whether you choose lab or mined – each diamond or gemstone is curated and picked for your confirmation, meaning you always get the best.

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Craft & Deliver

Your dream piece takes 6-8 weeks to craft. It includes an independent valuation and quality check. Pick up from our studio or have it discreetly delivered worldwide, for free.

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Outstanding service. The process was very easy. Four Words was great to deal with, and very helpful. Very happy with the end product too. All round a great experience.

Nigel Latta
Get a bigger stone no matter your budget

Get a bigger stone no matter your budget

Using lab grown diamonds & gemstones means you get can a larger stone, use more stones or both without compromising quality or budget.

Lab grown stones bring that dream piece within reach – while being physically, chemically and optically the same as their natural counterparts (down to the atom).

Get a bigger and higher quality stone – no matter your budget.

Also 0% financing available to help you make the perfect choice.

A small mined diamond
Mined DiamondSame quality
Four Word Diamond, high quality and large size
Four WordsHigher quality
A poor quality mined diamond
Mined DiamondWorse quality
same size
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100% ethical, climate positive and conflict-free jewellery

100% ethical, climate positive and conflict-free jewellery

All our diamonds & gemstones are ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Using primarily lab-grown stones means our custom jewellery has a 7x less negative environmental impact than if using mined stones.

Any impact we can’t minimise, we offset by over 500% with our partners at CarbonClick.

Feel good knowing your piece is better for the planet, conflict-free & ethically sourced.

Read our Google ReviewsReviews

Four Words was very communicative and clear around their overall philosophy, approach to sourcing, and the steps they take to minimise environmental impact.

Joshua Soong

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Whether you’re just starting out or have done all your research, we are here to help.

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