Diamond Price Match Guarantee

Do you price match on diamonds?

Yes we can typically price match diamond prices based on a few conditions.

  • The diamond needs to be available for sale to the general public.

  • The diamond has to be certified by either IGI or GIA and the certification number provided.

  • The diamond price has to either be displayed on the website or a official quote provided (no older than 7 days).

  • The price will be matched in NZD and will include all relevant duties and GST.

  • Pricing matched purchases are not eligible for further discounts, credits or any other offers.

  • Price matched purchases cannot be returned.

  • We will not price match diamonds that have the following defects not listed on the grading reports:

    • Brown, Green or Milky (in the case of natural diamonds)

    • Gray, Brown, CVD strain, striations, blue nuance or phosphorescence (in the case of lab grown diamonds)

  • We can opt not price match at our own discretion.

Do you price match on gemstones and moissanite?

No we don’t price match on any stones except diamonds.

The reason for this policy is that these stones are not graded and certified by a central body (like IGI and GIA for diamonds).

Without these certifications gradings, there is an wide variation in the quality of stones available.

At Four Words we only work with the best stones and our pricing reflects this.

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