1. What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds grown sustainably above the ground inside labs instead of mined out of the ground.

2. Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, they're real diamonds! They are physically, chemically and optically 100% the same as mined diamonds - down to the atom. The only difference is how they are created. Think about it like ice, you can either get ice from a frozen lake or from your freezer — both are the same, the only difference is how it's made. In fact the FTC in the US ruled recently that a diamond is a diamond no matter whether is grown in a lab or dug out of the ground.

3. Are ethically grown diamonds the same as lab grown diamonds?

Yes, ethically grown, lab grown, sustainably made, man-made, cultured, diamonds above ground diamonds are all the same thing with different names.

4. Can you tell the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds?

Because lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are exactly the same, the only way to tell them apart is by using specialised detection equipment that costs thousands of dollars. No one can tell them apart without this equipment — not even experienced jewellers under magnification.

5. Do lab grown diamonds come with certifications and grading reports like mined diamonds?

Yes, every Four Words lab grown diamond comes with its own independent certification and grading report from the International Gemmological Institute (IGI). IGI, based in Antwerp, Belgium, is the worlds largest independent certifier and grader of diamonds (both mined and grown).

International Gemological Institute

6. Are lab grown diamonds graded according to the 4Cs?

Yes, exactly the same gradings by the same labs. But you don't need to worry about the 4Cs, our gemmologists will pick the best diamonds according to our standard

7. How are lab grown diamonds made?

Lab grown diamonds are grown inside clean high-tech labs above ground. You put a diamond seed (a thin wafer of diamond) inside the growing chamber, turn up the heat and pressure and mix in carbon gases. The carbon from the gases breakdown and crystallise on top of the diamond seed over the course of a few weeks forming the 'rough diamond.' This rough diamond is then cut and polished exactly the same way as mined diamonds.

8. Are lab grown diamonds perfect?

No, and neither are mined diamonds. Because we recreate what happens in the ground but inside a lab, our lab grown diamonds come out as raw stones each with their own unique imperfections — just like mined diamonds

9. Are ethically grown diamonds/lab grown diamonds the same as cubic zirconia (CZ)?

No - cubic zirconia's are a completely different gemstone to diamonds. They are often used as diamond stimulants because they look similar to diamonds but are very cheap to produce. Although cubic zirconias are man-made, they are much easier to produce and are made from Silicon and Carbon (instead of just carbon like diamonds) and tend to 'cloud' over and scratch after a few months.

10. Are ethically grown diamonds/lab grown diamonds the same as moissanite?

No - although moissanite looks similar to diamonds they are different gemstone to diamonds - made from a lattice of silicon and carbon which is different to the lattice of carbon diamonds are made from. We do offer moissanite along with other lab grown gemstones like sapphires and emeralds — just ask us.

11. Are all lab grown diamond companies carbon neutral?

No – even though lab grown diamonds have 7x less negative impact on the environment than mined diamonds, it does require energy to create them. That is why we've partnered with CarbonClick to offset emissions we can’t reduce. In addition, for each diamond we create, we cover an additional 5x the carbon required. So for every dollar of carbon produced, we give the environment five dollars back. You can learn more on our climate positive page

12. Do you have collections I can choose from?

We release designs and collections to serve as inspiration for your personalised ring, we don't hold any physical rings in a collection — everything is custom made for you.

13. Do you provide financing?

Yes - we're able to provide 12 months interest free through Gilrose Finance. Learn more on our financing page.

14. What if I don't know what design I want?

No problem! We'll work with you to narrow down some design ideas and sketch up a few options

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