High standards, peace of mind

High standards, peace of mind

Our unwavering and practical quality standards mean you can buy confidently without overpaying. Create something that will last a lifetime.

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Forget the 4C's with the Four Words standard

our diamond standard

Forget the 4C's with the Four Words standard

The 4C’s (Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat) often complicate the diamond buying process making it easy to miss key features that make up a beautiful, bright diamond.

We keep things simple for you and focus on picking the best-looking diamond possible to the naked eye.

Why pay for anything else?

How it works

Certified by the best independent gem labs, all our diamonds start with a minimum standard:

  • Ideal Cut,

  • F colour and

  • VS clarity grade.

From there, we personally inspect and narrow down the best diamond for you using computer vision models, optical geometry and our own set of criteria.

If we can't find a diamond within this criteria, we'll upgrade you for free!

You'll always get the highest quality without paying extra.

The Standard Explained:


Excellent isn't enough

Cut is the most important feature. All our diamonds are the Ideal cut. We make sure each is the best the eye can see without you paying extra.


Colourless to the naked eye

At a minimum, our diamonds are F, which refers to how white the diamond is. If we can’t find suitable F coloured stones we’ll upgrade you for free.


Flawless to the naked eye

Our VS+ diamonds are flawless – even at larger sizes.


Carat size matters

Two 1ct diamonds can look quite different. We make sure each diamond ‘looks its weight’ so a 1ct looks like a 1ct.

Inspection & Quality Check

Beyond the report

We personally inspect each diamond to look for things that don’t appear in grading reports. These characteristics are tricky to spot online. We take care of that for you.

Precision cut gemstones to maximise colour and sparkle


Precision cut gemstones to maximise colour and sparkle

One of the biggest factors that determine if a gemstone is bright and beautiful is the quality of the cut. Most gemstones are cut to maximise size which can lead to a glassy, dull appearance.

We don’t compromise.

All our moissanite and gemstones are precision cut to ensure you get a glowing gem that will catch everyone’s eye — why settle for anything less?

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When it came time to find an engagement ring, an ethically sourced gem was high priority for us. I am extremely grateful that I found Four Words. Vinny helped guide me through the process and was good with his communication. We are delighted with the outcome.

Rob McDonald

Modern designs, crafted for a lifetime — guaranteed

Detailed designs, luxury materials and beautiful craftmanship, all our jewellery comes with with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee.

We also offer hassle-free refunds within 14 days on our collection rings if you are not 100% happy with your final piece.

Quality we stand behind. Quality you can rely on.

Curated & Precision Cut Stones Tile Photo
Curated & Precision Cut Stones
Lifetime Warranty & Care Tile Photo
Lifetime Warranty & Care
100% NZ owned and operated Tile Photo
100% NZ owned and operated
Free Resizing & Returns Tile Photo
Free Resizing & Returns
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The craftsmanship and attention to detail are remarkable, resulting in a stunning ring that exceeded my expectations. The personalised service provided by Vinny and Mohammed made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free.

Clay Reeve

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