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Buying an engagement ring kind of sucks?

If you're reading this you're most likely on the hunt for an engagement ring, either for yourself or for your partner — congratulations, this is an exciting time! We were there not long ago.

My name is Vinny - I started Four Words with my wife Shivana, and two other close friends.

When I was looking for an engagement ring, Shivana had given me some idea of what she was looking for but left the details for me to choose.

I, just like you reader, wanted something custom, something a bit unique and special.

Armed with what I thought was a reasonable budget I started looking around, from to large chains to the expensive independent boutiques (you know the ones with the fancy showrooms).

But I found the experience miserable.

I either felt cheap or like I was getting ripped off. I especially hated the feeling that I had even though I was spending thousands of dollars, I still had to make so many compromises (the judgey looks didn’t help either).

The start of Four Words

A bit defeated, I found a thread on Reddit about lab-grown diamonds. Exactly the same, but bigger, higher quality, way more ethical and better for the planet. It was a no-brainer for me.

So I decided to do it myself. After several weeks of searching for suppliers, I finally found someone to source a lab-grown diamond and make my engagement ring for me — even though it was a bit of a mission (to put it lightly) to pull it together, it turned out amazing and Shivana loved it! Exactly what we wanted.

Over the next few years, I helped many of my friends create their own engagement rings and they all loved it and I made a little bit of ice cream money on the side. Eventually, we had so many people ask us we realised that there was an opportunity to turn this into a real business.

What if someone with no experience started a fine jewellery brand?

We're not an age-old luxury brand founded by a French guy a century ago, nor do we want to be one.

Our background isn’t rooted in fine jewellery and our families don’t have a history in diamonds and gemstones. As outsiders in this industry, we approach things differently.

Breaking away from traditional practices and industry norms, we offer:

  • Lab-grown diamonds (our speciality), moissanite, lab-grown gemstones, and reclaimed natural options too. We’ll help you find what suits your taste and budget without pressure or judgment.

  • Custom-made, individually crafted rings, each piece designed exclusively for you. We don't resell other people's jewellery or push 'off-the-shelf' products – always custom, never customary.

  • Collaborate directly with designers, not salespeople. Our designers offer to provide practical advice and guidance throughout the process, ensuring you receive personalised solutions rather than being pushed towards the priciest options within your budget.

  • Stone sourcing straight from diamond and gem cutters on your behalf, eliminating extra mark-ups from middlemen.

  • Modern technology, including digital sketches, 3D prints, and photorealistic renders, ensures you achieve your vision without uncertainty or stress.

  • We only work with materials that we feel confident that has minimal impact on both the planet and people. Even though we lose out on a lot of sales, we don’t offer newly mined diamonds (only lab or reclaimed). Luxury you can feel good about.

We started Four Words to help you create your dream engagement ring, earrings, necklace, or statement piece without the pretentiousness of traditional luxury brands. Our goal is to offer an easy, relaxed experience akin to consulting a cool design-savvy friend, rather than battling with a salesperson. All so you can enjoy the journey of crafting a beautifully designed, well-made piece of fine jewellery you can feel good about – all at a fair price.

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