Designing a 1.5 Carat Oval Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Designing a 1.5 Carat Oval Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Cover Photo
5 min read29 September 2022

Our client had spent two years looking at engagement rings and couldn’t find what they were looking for. They were exhausted. Either they were expected to spend well beyond their budget, or they were pushed into a design that they weren’t happy with.

They were looking for someone to look after them, especially when it came to designing a ring, but also providing them with an experience where they felt comfortable with making design changes and receiving honest feedback.

The couple also hadn’t made up their mind on if they would like a round cut or oval solitaire. It is here they wanted guidance — not a sales pitch. d

Our Process

We first did sketches of a round cut and oval cut solitaire. We also learned that our client was still debating on whether they wanted diamonds on the band. And because we couldn’t decide for them, we walked them through each of the designs like the one below.

First Set of Sketches

The decision was a matter of taste. So we asked lots of questions and gave the couple enough time to deliberate. We also gave sincere feedback on each design. For example, we explained that oval-shaped diamonds help to elongate the finger, while a round-cut diamond looks great in larger sizes but with small and slim fingers, it can appear overbearing.

Ovals are also not as sparkly as round cut (round cuts are one of the sparkliest) so if our client did go with an oval cut diamond, we encouraged them to consider melee diamonds in a pavé setting to add more shine to the engagement ring.

Our client eventually decided on the following:

  • 1.5 carat oval cut lab grown diamond
  • Large melee diamonds in a pavé setting.
  • Platinum band

From here, we designed a render of the ring, so they could see what it would look like in real life.

Render of the 1.5 Carat Oval Solitaire

1.5 Carat Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond

Making a statement was important to our client. A large carat size without looking overbearing was key, and going for an oval cut ensured a classy look. But not all statements are about size and sparkle.

Our client initially was hesitant on lab grown diamonds. At first, they thought that they were fake diamonds. We walked them through how lab grown diamonds are physically, optically, and atomically exactly the same as mined diamonds, but without the ethical and sustainability baggage. They were also much more affordable than their mined counterparts, meaning they could get exactly what they wanted. We also mentioned to them that even experienced jewellers can’t tell the difference.

And after they spent some time doing their own research, they fell in love with the idea, and now proudly share that their diamond is lab grown.

Platinum Band with Pavé Setting

Our client mentioned to us early on that she doesn’t like wearing gold. She typically wears silver.

We recommended that instead of a silver band that she upgrade to platinum. Silver is too soft of a metal to be used for an engagement ring and would need to be constantly reshaped. Platinum is a lot stronger and less likely to change shape over time, or get scratched.

Render showing the Pave Band

Confirming the Design

After ensuring that the design was perfect and the client was happy, we signed off on the final design. We ensured to give the couple time and space to make decisions. We participated in the process as designers and not salespeople.

When it came to choosing the stone, we took over. We ensured that the oval diamond did not suffer from the bow tie effect. We also made sure to pick the best diamond that the eye can see. This is particularly important with larger diamonds.

When working with oval diamonds larger than 1.5 carats we recommend choosing a higher clarity and colour grade. Typically for this size, we’ll pick ovals with a minimum VS1 clarity and F colour or higher.

Our clients were delighted with the process, and it was for this reason that they also decided to get diamond earrings with us too.

Renders of the full set, including earrings

The Result

He proposed at Matai Peak in the South Island after a helicopter ride over Kaikoura while whale watching.

Client Proposal at Matai Peak

Our client was blown away by the quality of the designs and even more so by the final product.

His Comments:

The ring is absolutely spectacular! I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of the design and the final outcome. It was much more than I was expecting. I am absolutely in love with my engagement ring.

Her Comments:

We really loved how Four Words took the time to really understand what we wanted, and then went out and made it happen within our budget. No other jeweller we went to in two years did this, even the boutique ones.

Their Wedding Bands

The couple also decided to design their wedding bands with Four Words. And just like we do with our engagement rings, we also provide a bespoke service on our wedding bands.

Pair of Wedding Bands

For him, a simple yellow 18K band, and for her, a platinum band carrying on the idea of the pavé setting so that it would match the engagement ring.

Matching Wedding Band with Engagement Ring

So whether you feel like you are being pushed into a design or feel that traditional retailers are not meeting you at a reasonable budget, come and talk to us. We would be delighted to help craft your perfect engagement ring.

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