Care Guide

Four Words Jewellery is thoughtfully designed and individually created for the wearer. Our Jewellery is crafted to last more than a lifetime with the right care and treatment.

However, as you wear your piece and go about your daily life there will be knocks, scratches and signs of general wear and tear. This is perfectly normal and is to be expected. But it is important to remember, that while the materials used in your piece are hardwearing, fine jewellery requires some care and thought.

This guide will help you properly care for your piece to ensure that it remains as beautiful and secure as the day you received it.

Ring sizing

Ensure to get your finger-sized just before you place an order for your ring. Please note that your finger does shrink and expand depending on the season so make sure the ring setting you choose is not too tight.

In case your ring needs to be resized, there may be a faint line visible at the join.

When you receive your ring

When we craft your ring, we ensure that the gemstones are tightly fitted with the prongs. But this can become loose over time, especially in the first year as the metal prongs relax slightly.

We strongly encourage you to pay attention to the fitting of the gemstones and consider getting them professionally inspected every one or two years.

Caring for your ring

While the gemstones that we deal with are typically very hard, this does not mean that you don’t need to care for them.

We highly recommend that you take off your jewellery while playing sports, doing heavy lifting, cooking & cleaning, and applying make-up. This will mitigate the build-up of dust, sweat, and oils which can make your ring appear dull.

Cleaning your jewellery

To maintain your jewellery’s shine, cleaning should be done about two or three months. There are three key ways:

1. Soap and water

In a small bowl away from the drain, add lukewarm water and natural liquid soap. Allow your ring to sit in the mixture for a few minutes, then gently dry with a soft towel. Give it one final wipe with a polishing cloth before returning it to your finger. Do not use an abrasive cleaning detergent.

2. Jewellery cleaning solution

This straightforward method of cleaning means that you can place your ring directly in the solution, leave it to soak for a few minutes, and take it out to wipe down with a clean cloth. Again make sure your bowl is away from a drain. Many solutions come with a handy basket and a small brush directly in the container to make the cleaning process a breeze. Double-check your solution of choice to be sure that it will not cause damage to the specific gemstone or metal of your ring.

3. Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are used by jewellers as an effective way to clean jewellery. The tool uses high-frequency sound waves and gentle vibrations to attract any dust or debris that may be on your jewellery, which is a fast and efficient way to ensure your jewellery shines bright. Many of these machines can be purchased online or in your favourite home goods store. But beware. the vibrations can damage some gemstones. Check-in with the Four Words team before you decide to purchase one.

A lifetime commitment

While your jewellery has been carefully crafted to last more than a lifetime, this does not mean that it will not face wear and tear. And it is for this reason, that taking basic steps can keep your jewellery shining.

To ensure that you are getting maximum sparkle, we highly recommend you take your ring to a jeweller every year. They will professionally clean it and ensure that the prongs are tightly holding onto the gemstones. This proactive approach will also ensure the longevity of your jewellery.

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