Top 10 places to propose in New Zealand 2024

Top 10 places to propose in New Zealand 2023 Cover Photo
5 min read11 October 2023

10. Makorori, Gisborne

Makorori Beach Sunset

If you are looking for something pictuesque, quiet and a place where your partner can scream till their heart's content, Makorori might just be the place. Golden hour after the festive season is the ideal time to propose.

While it is quite a drive from the main centres, it makes a perfect long weekend holiday destination with Gisborne featuring an incredible line up of the region's food -- matching the calibre of the finest restaurants in Auckland and Wellington.

9. Mangawhai Cliff Walk, Mangawhai

Mangawhai Cliff

If your partner loves a good beach spot, you can’t go past Mangawhai. About 90 minutes from Auckland, Mangawhai is the perfect mid-summer spot to propose.

The cliff walk gives you some privacy and amazing views as you propose. The best time to propose here is in the height of summer, mid-morning or late evening. There are also some amazing AirBnB’s around if you plan on staying the night. And if you have some alone time, it never hurts to get some local cholates from Bennett’s.

Again, if you are planning to propose during the summer holidays, make sure to get your booking in a couple of months in advance. It is a popular spot especially over new years.

8. Lagoon Scenic Walkway, Glenorchy

Glenorchy Lagoon

Glenorchy is about a one hour drive from Queenstown with one of the most underrated short walks in the country. Panoramic views of both mountains and lakes are a feature and there are ample locations to propose.

There is no bad time to propose on this walk. Each season offers something different. But if you want a bit of snow and a bit of sunshine, we recommend August - October.

The walk can get busy over the weekends so its best to propose over a weekday later in the day. Queenstown is a stones throw away so it makes the perfect excuse for a weekend trip.

7. Mudbrick Winery, Waiheke Island

Mudbrick Winery in the evening

Can such a list be without a mention of a winery on Waiheke Island? We don't think so. And this year, Mudbrick Winery takes the spot. Nestled amongst the hills of Waiheke Island overlooking Auckland harbour, there is no place better in the world to propose.

With hints of an Italian villa, Mudbrick Winery competes with the top spots in Amalfi with its magnificent views, outstanding cuisine and perfectly manicured lawns. A mid-Feb proposal on a weekday will ensure the perfect gesture with the island not being too busy as well!

6. The Nest - Taranaki

The Nest in Taranaki

Now this location is quite unique. It's actually an AirBnB on a cliff overlooking the water. It's extremely peaceful, serene and there is nothing else to do except to look at your ring once your partner has proposed.

Not too far for those based in Wellington, this will make the perfect weekend escape.

5. Mt John in Tekapo

Mount John in Tekapo at night

Believe your relationship was written in the stars? Then why not take a trip to one of the most iconic places in New Zealand. A bit off the beaten track from the Lake Tekapo church, Mt John is a 3 hour round track which features an observatory.

Regardless of if you go during the day or night, the views are incredible and if you love nerding out about the galaxy, then this is the perfect place!

4. Wild Canvas Glamping in Waitomo

Wild Canvas Glamping in Waikato

Just like the Nest in Taranaki, this is also accommodation. And boy is this one spectacular. Nestled deep in the waikato, you get views of the rolling hills and if you're lucky with a crisp cold morning, clouds over the mountains. While proposing in the morning is not really a thing, with such a beautiful backdrop, I can't see why you wouldn't!

3. Matai Peak, Canterbury

Matai Peak in Canterbury

Starry nights are going to be huge in 2024. And Matai Peak is South Island's version of Wild Canvas Glamping in Waikato. On a crisp spring day you will see snow capped mountains on your left and the Pacific Ocean on your right.

Propose on the deck during sunset for photos that all your friends will be jealous of!

2. Akaroa Lighthouse, Akaroa

Akaroa Lighthouse

About an hour and a half drive from Christchurch, Akaroa is a sleepy town with huge character. It was settled by the French in 1840. But don’t take sleepy to mean lacklustre. Even on a cloudy day, your engagement photos will look incredible.

The best time to propose here will depend on the weather. If it is overcast, then during the afternoon. If it is sunny then about an hour before sunset.

Akaroa has a proud restaurant scene, so if you have the time, it might be worth spending the night.

1. Omanawanui Track, Auckland

Omanawanui track, first peak

Omanawanui track, first peak

Both into fitness? Live in Auckland? This is the perfect place to propose. About one hour from Auckland CBD, the Omanawanui track is a quiet and magnificent.

View of Omanawanui

The track consists of two peaks, with the first one being the better. It takes about thirty minutes to the first peak and another 25 to the second.

The best time to propose here is in Summer on a sunny day, at sunrise or sunset.

But be quick with this one. It is rapidly gaining in popularity after its re-opening after it was closed for four years due to Kauri die-back.

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