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4 min read15 October 2021

Every lab grown diamond we create is not only sustainable but entirely climate positive. From creation to delivery — we've partnered with CarbonClick to ensure our entire process is climate positive.

We've made sure our contribution goes beyond being carbon neutral. This means that you are genuinely making the world a better place because of your purchase — not just offsetting.

For each purchase we cover five times the carbon required to produce your engagement ring. So for every dollar of carbon produced, we give the environment five dollars back.

And for each dollar of CarbonClick credit, we offset approximately 40kg worth of carbon dioxide!

By partnering with CarbonClick, we are able to trace every transaction to the project it supports. This means you get to see the impact your purchase makes immediately and over time.

Each purchase includes an email with a link to the supply chain and certificates for every kilogram of CO2 offset.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and organisations to invest in projects that remove carbon emissions to balance out the emissions they have created.

The main types of carbon-reducing projects are:

  • Tree planting, e.g. restoration and forestry that sequesters or 'locks in' carbon.

  • Conservation projects that preserve existing native forests as permanent carbon 'sinks'.

  • Renewable energy (non-fossil fuel) projects or other initiatives reduce emissions in developing countries (often referred to as 'Clean Development Mechanism' as defined in the Kyoto Protocol).

Who is CarbonClick?

CarbonClick is a New Zealand company that exists to reverse climate change. They tackle climate change by making carbon offsets simple, trustworthy and cost-effective.

The money paid to CarbonClick for carbon credits goes towards certified carbon offset projects that have met the highest standards. The funds are distributed amongst carbon offset suppliers carrying out the projects, and CarbonClick takes a margin on the carbon credits for sourcing projects, quality assurance, administration and transaction fees.

What are carbon credits?

A carbon credit is what is bought and sold when dealing with voluntary carbon offsets. For every tonne of CO2 that a project manages to absorb or otherwise reduce, a carbon credit is issued. Carbon credits are certified by international standards and held in registries like the Gold Standard registry (international credits) or the Emissions Trading Register (New Zealand).

How can you be sure the project is legit?

To enable our unique track and trace feature, CarbonClick pre-purchases carbon credits. Our transparent reimbursement model means that you can immediately see the retirement certificates from the projects you are supporting and know your contribution has a direct impact.

A vital feature of a carbon offsetting project is additionality, which means the project could not go ahead without the finance of carbon credits. We rigorously analyse our projects to ensure that additionality criteria are being met and your money has a direct impact.

You can read more on Carbonclick's FAQ Page.

Isn't purchasing a lab grown diamond already carbon neutral?

Picking a lab diamond is seven times more sustainable when comparing to mined diamonds. However, small amounts of carbon are emitted when creating the diamond itself and shipping it to you. So to offset emissions we can’t reduce, we partner with CarbonClick.

With CarbonClick, you are contributing to actual reductions in CO2 emissions and actual CO2 sequestration through projects like indigenous forest conservation and planting that absorb the CO2 associated with your emissions.

Why pick lab grown diamonds?

The only difference between mined and lab diamonds are how they are produced. By picking a lab grown diamond, you ensure you're not supporting earth displacement, waterway acidification and carbon emissions.

An independent report from Frost & Sullivan compared the of mined diamonds and found mined diamonds overall have a seven times more negative impact than lab diamonds.

In numbers, the impact of mined diamonds is significant.

  • Mined diamonds produce 4,383 times more waste.
  • Mined diamonds uses 6.8 times more water.
  • Mined diamonds consume 2.14 times more energy per carat.

You can read more about the impacts of mined diamonds on our sustainability page.

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