Climate Positive engagement rings and fine jewellery

Climate Positive engagement rings and fine jewellery

From design to your doorstep, our partnership with CarbonClick ensures that every purchase is climate-positive.

Luxury you can feel good about.

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What is Climate Positive?

Teaming up with CarbonClick, we mapped out our entire supply chain (from the creation of the stones, refining the metals and delivering to your house) to estimate how much carbon our jewellery's crafting process actually emits.

Wherever we spotted an opportunity, we minimised those emissions as much as possible. For the areas we couldn't reduce, we offset five times the carbon produced.

What this means is that every time you make a purchase, not only do we offset the carbon footprint, we quintuple it.

We've got our sights set higher than just carbon neutral – we're proudly climate positive.

Full transparency

Full transparency

We chose to partner with Carbon Click so you are able to trace every transaction to the project it supports. This means you get to see the impact your purchase makes immediately and over time.

It is not just about reducing footprints, it is about leaving a positive impact.

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Your choice matters

When picking an engagement ring or creating fine jewellery, your choice matters.

Whether you use lab-grown or natural diamonds & gemstones - whatever choice you make with us, know it's a choice you can feel good about.

By choosing a more sustainable option you’re ensuring you’re not supporting earth displacement, waterway acidification and increasing carbon emissions.

Keen on diving deeper into our sustainability philosophy? Discover the roots of our sustainability ethos and strategy right here.

Because let’s face it - luxury without sustainability is kinda gauche.

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