Moissanites: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Moissanite?

Moissanite has been steadily gaining popularity as a more affordable and ethical alternative to diamonds. It is both brilliant and durable, with exceptional fire and brilliance that rivals even the finest diamonds. In fact, moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond, resulting in extraordinary sparkle.

And unlike diamonds, Moissanite is not mined, so it is an environmentally conscious choice for those looking for a stunning gemstone. With its unique characteristics and level of elegance, moissanite offers endless possibilities for gorgeous jewellery.

Whether you're searching for an engagement ring or a piece of fine jewellery moissanite is the perfect choice for those seeking luxury without compromise.

Q: Are Moissanites natural or grown in lab?

There are naturally occurring Moissanites (found in small amounts meteor craters) but they are so rare and small that you can’t make any jewellery out of it.

All the Moissanite you see for sale (unless it specifically says) is made in Lab - our Moissanites too.

Q: Are Moissanites the same as lab grown diamonds?

No moissanite is its own unique gemstone thats different to diamond. They do look very similar through.

Q: Why are Moissanites less expensive than diamonds?

Instead of being mined like diamonds, moissanite is made in a lab, making it abundant and readily available. But just because it's easier to come by doesn't mean it's any less beautiful. In fact, moissanite displays more brilliance and fire than a diamond of the same size and quality. And because of its abundance, you can save significantly on the cost per carat.

So, why pay for overpriced mined diamonds when you could have a stunning moissanite gem at a fraction of the price?

Create a moissanite piece and turn heads without breaking the bank.

Q: Why are Moissanites less expensive than lab grown diamonds?

Moissanites are easier to produce than lab grown diamonds (take less energy) and are easier to cut.

Q: Can you tell the difference between diamonds and moissanite?

It depends on the cut and quality of the moissanite. For poor quality and cut moissanite, you can tell the difference pretty easily even with an untrained eye.

At Four Words, we cut our Moissanite to look more diamond like and its much harder to tell the difference between the two to the untrained eye. However at larger sizes (greater than 2.0ct), the difference is more noticeable.

However, based on tests we’ve done with everyday people, during everyday wear, set in jewellery, almost no one could tell the difference between Moissanite and Diamond.

Q: Are Moissanites perfect?

The Moissanites we use are as as close to perfect as possible - there might be some very small microscopic inclusions, but definitely not visible with the naked eye.

However, cheap moissanite has more yellow and brown undertones.

Q: Do Moissanites look cloudy?

Poorly Cut moissanites do look cloudy! This is because a lot of brands cut them like diamonds which creates ‘double refraction’ and makes the Moissanite look cloudy or blurry.

At Four Words - we cut our Moissanites to specific angles and proportions based on its own unique optical properties so it minimises this double refraction effect. This means our moissanites have crisp and clear facets and look bright and white.

Q: What Brand of Moissanite do you use?

We don’t use any brand of Moissanite - we buy our own rough (the raw material) and get it cut to our specific angles and proportions by independent gemcutters.

From the Branded Moissanite we’ve seen, they all look the same and is just a way to charge more or give the illusion of high quality.

Q: Do Moissanites come with certifications and grading reports like diamonds?

No Moissanites don’t come with certifications because there are no independent grading company. There is something called ‘GRA’ which we’ve seen - this is a total scam and the stones with these are low quality and cheap.

Q: Are Moissanites graded according to the 4C’s

No - there is no independent grading lab for Moissanites - you need to work with a trusted jeweller like Four Words to make sure you get a high-quality moissanite.

Compared to a diamond, our Moissanites would be considered in the colourless (DEF) colour range and VVS clarity range.

Q: Do Moissanites maintain their sparkle?

Yes! Just like diamonds, Moissanites will maintain their sparkle for life

Q: Are Moissanites the same as cubic zirconia (CZ)?

No - cubic zirconia is a completely different gemstone from moissanite.

They are often used as diamond stimulants because they look similar to diamonds but are very cheap to produce. Although cubic zirconias are man-made, they are much easier to produce and are made tend to 'cloud' over and scratch after a few months.

Moissanites will maintain their sparkle forever like a diamond.

Q: Are Lab grown diamonds the same as moissanites?

No - Although they look very similar, Moissanites are they own gemstones and have their own physical and optical properties. At Four Words we work with both lab grown diamond and moissanite

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