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  1. Custom Process

  2. Shipping & Packaging

  3. Financing & Payment options

  4. Diamond Price Match Guarantee

  5. Using your own stones or recycling old jewellery

  6. Warranties

  7. Resizing and Maintenance

  8. Return Policy

  9. GST Free Purchases and Travel & Placeholder Rings

  10. Custom Cutting Stones

Custom Process

Can you make other custom jewellery?

Yes we can make any piece of custom jewellery - if its possible, it we can make it. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Necklaces and pendants

  • Bracelets and bangles

  • Cocktail rings

Does custom cost extra?

All our rings are made to order so custom doesn’t any extra than buying off the shelf!

How long does the entire process take, from design to completion?

Generally we allow 2-3 weeks for design and sourcing (depending on how many revisions there are) and approximately 6-8 weeks for creation. So a total of 8 - 11 weeks. If you have a deadline we can move quickly and most likely hit it.

Can I incorporate my own diamonds or gemstones into the design?

Yes we can incorporate your heirloom stones

How many design revisions am I allowed during the customisation process?

Unlimited design revisions

Shipping & Packaging

How will I receive my order?

Within NZ there are 4 ways to receive your item

  1. Booking a pick-up at our Auckland Studio

  2. Delivering to a nominated residential or business address (no PO boxes)

  3. Delivering to a NZ post shop that allows counter delivery

  4. Duty free at either Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown airports. See details about this option here.

International orders can only be received through international courier to a nominated residential or business address.

How will my item ship?

NZ orders will ship via NZ Post overnight service with signature required on delivery. International orders ship DHL worldwide express and also require a signature on delivery.

Is my shipment insured?

Yes, your package is insured from the time it leaves our studio until you sign for it.

Is your packaging discrete?

Yes! Your order will arrive in plain black packaging with only a shipping label on the outer box. The sender details will be discrete as well.

Is shipping free?

Complimentary overnight shipping is included with all purchases with in NZ. International orders are also come with your purchase complimentary will ship DHL express

Can you rush my order?

Yes, rush orders can be accommodated on a case by case basis depending on capacity, but there is an associated charge

There’s a $350 fee for rush orders. Delivery sooner than three weeks (21 days) is considered a rush.

How long is (international) shipping?

International packages ship via DHL express and generally take around five to ten business days. However, there can be delays in customs and international shipping routes, and this is outside of our control.

Do I have to pay (International) duties and taxes?

For international orders we will ship excluding New Zealand GST (15%) and you will be responsible for any duty and taxes.

Duties and taxes vary country by country and can range from 0% to around 25%. They are collected directly by customs after your order ships. It’s a good idea to factor this into your budget.

Contact us if you’d like help estimating how much this will be.

Financing & Payment options

How can I pay?

For payment there are three options

  • Bank transfer to our NZ bank account

  • Credit Card payment via Stripe (+2.9% processing fee)

  • 12 months interest-free finance through our lending partner Gilrose (see below for details)

If you are planning to use either the Finance option please mention this early in the process.

When do I have to pay?

For fully bespoke orders, a $350 design deposit before we start with your concept sketches. This is not an additional charge and is fully rebated against your final invoice. The design deposit is refundable if you are not happy with the concepts or change your mind.

If you are choosing one of our collection items or recreating a design we will skip the design deposit and move the confirmation deposit.

To confirm your order and source your stones we require an 80% confirmation deposit. The remaining 20% is due on completion.

What are your finance options?

We have up to 12 months interest free financing through our partners at Gilrose Finance. Just mention you are wanting to use this option early on the process and we can send you the online application forms.

To be eligible you must be:

  • Be 18 years or over

  • Be a permanent resident of New Zealand

And be able to supply:

  • A form of identification (Drivers Licence, Passport or 18+ card)

  • Income and expense details

  • Employment information – including contact details

  • Your email address

Note there is a $120 processing fee for all purchases using finance.

Diamond Price Match Guarantee

Do you price match on diamonds?

Yes we can typically price match diamond prices based on a few conditions.

  • The diamond needs to be available for sale to the general public.

  • The diamond has to be certified by either IGI or GIA and the certification number provided.

  • The diamond price has to either be displayed on the website or a official quote provided (no older than 7 days).

  • The price will be matched in NZD and will include all relevant duties and GST.

  • Pricing matched purchases are not eligible for further discounts, credits or any other offers.

  • Price matched purchases cannot be returned.

  • We will not price match diamonds that have the following defects not listed on the grading reports:

    • Brown, Green or Milky (in the case of natural diamonds)

    • Gray, Brown, CVD strain, striations, blue nuance or phosphorescence (in the case of lab grown diamonds)

  • We can opt not price match at our own discretion.

Do you price match on gemstones and moissanite?

No we don’t price match on any stones except diamonds. The reason for this policy is that these stones are not graded and certified by a central body (like IGI and GIA for diamonds). Without these certifications gradings, there is an wide variation in the quality of stones available. At Four Words we only work with the best stones and our pricing reflects this.

Using your own stones or recycling old jewellery

Can you make something using heirloom stones or stones purchased from elsewhere?

I most cases yes we can. But we do not take any responsibility if these stones are lost or damaged. There will some cases where we cannot do this and we will let you know early-on about it.

Can you melt down my old setting?

Yes! We can melt down your old metal and give you credit towards your order.

We cannot however, melt the metal and remake another setting using the same gold. The metal refiners in New Zealand cannot do this.

At this time we can't return small diamonds set into the ring as these are destroyed in the melt process.


Do you offer a warranty program?

Yes, we offer a lifetime manufacturers warranty. This covers issues due to manufacturing, but not from regular wear and tear.

Details of this warranty are found in our Terms and Conditions.

Due to the unique nature of engagement rings and custom fine jewellery we have to inspect each ring to determine whether it is covered by the manufacturing warranty. If we find an issue is not covered by warranty, we also offer you options and cost estimates on how to repair the ring

What is the care plan?

All our rings over $1,000 come with a complimentary care plan which includes a yearly prong tightening and clean on all engagement rings bought through us at full price.

Shipping is not included, but we can provide an insured shipping label at reduced rates.

The care plan does not include re-rhodium plating of white gold or any repairs.

For stones in which we are honouring our price match guarantee the care plan can be purchased as a standalone plan for an additional $500.

Valid for NZ orders only.

Do you offer valuations?

Yes! All items with a purchase price over $1,000 comes with complimentary insurance valuation done by an independent third party.

Sent this valuation to your insurer and they will cover you up to the replacement value on the valuation.

Resizing and Maintenance

Do you offer free resizing?

Yes, all NZ orders for engagement rings and wedding bands come with one free resizing (within 2 UK sizes) + round trip shipping within 90 days of receiving your ring.

International orders for engagement rings and wedding bands also come with one free resizing, excluding shipping. The cost of shipping is based on the value of the ring.

Some rings can be resized 2 or more sizes, but this may come with an additional cost.

How should a ring fit?

Your ring should feel a bit tight when it goes over your knuckle, but not pinch or feel too tight when on the finger. Because diamonds are top-heavy, if the ring is too big it may spin around on your finger.

How long does resizing take?

About five to ten business days from intake date.

How long does prong tightening take?

About five to ten business days from intake date.

How much does it cost to ship my ring to you for annual maintenance?

$20 – $40 each way depending on the value of the ring.

Return Policy

What is your return policy for collection styles?

For Collection Rings we offer a 14-day return from when you receive the ring.

Your jewellery can only be returned if it is undamaged and unchanged in state. We will not accept any Jewellery that shows signs of wear or alteration. Jewellery must also come with all documentation provided including any diamond certifications.

Read our Terms and Conditions for full details of our return policy

What is your return policy for custom designed rings?

For custom designed or modified rings we cannot offer a full refund nor do we allow returns. However, at our discretion, we may allow you to re-make, modify, exchange and or provide a partial refund.

Read our Terms and Conditions for full details of our return policy

Are international orders eligible for return?

Yes, international orders are eligible for return, we just ask that you cover the cost of return shipping. Duties & taxes are not eligible for a refund.

Travel & Placeholder Rings

Do you offer travel rings?

Yes! Travel rings can be purchased post proposal and are a great option if you travel a lot and are worried about losing your engagement ring.

Travel rings are a close replica of your ring, including a matching carat weight center stone size and shape, and cost $550.

Travel rings will be made from Sterling Silver (with or without gold plating) and Cubic Zirconia.

Travel rings are not included as part of our care plan.

Are travel rings eligible for return?

No, travel rings are final sale and are not eligible for return.

Do you offer Placeholder rings?

Yes we can offer placeholder rings from one of our collection items.

Placeholder rings can be a good idea if you are wanting to design the ring with your partner but keep the proposal a surprise.

We require a $1,000 deposit which will credited towards your purchase when design.

We may not have the exact ring size you need but it should cover most fingers.

GST free purchase

Do you offer duty free/ GST free purchase?

Of course! For New Zealand order we offer duty free purchases on all our items over $1,000.

For international orders we price excluding GST. You will be responsible for you own taxes and duty in your home country.

How does it work?

All you need is an international flight out of one of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown airports.

We’ll send your item to the collection point at the airport for you to pick-up before your flight. The collection points are located near all the duty free shops airside (past security).

You’ll receive specific instructions with how to pick-up before your flight.

Please mention early about your flight details so we can have your item ready in time.

Custom Cutting Stones

Do you offer custom cutting for a centre stone?

Yes we can custom cut diamonds (both natural and lab), gemstones and moissanites depending on the shape, size and if the rough material is available.

All our stones follow the Four Words Quality Standard – when custom cutting diamonds, we cannot guarantee a specific grade. If you are adamant about a specific grade let us know.

Note that custom cut stones cannot be returned.

How long does custom cutting a stone take?

For diamonds, it generally takes 4-8 weeks to custom cut a centre stone, plus 1-2 weeks for certification. Certification is included in quote of stone.

For moissanites and gemstones it takes approximately 2-8 weeks depending on the cut and colour.

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